About Us

Buddy Tools is an innovative company bringing you contractor grade DIY tools to help you achieve quality results when taping and finishing your drywall project.

2013 - Retailers Choice Award

The National Hardware Show is held every year by Reed Exhibitions in Las Vegas. It is a housing after-market show that brings together manufacturers and resellers of all products used to remodel, repair, maintain and decorate the home and garden. TapeBuddy was awarded the Retailers Choice Award for innovation.

2015 - Best in Industry

For more than a decade, customers have trusted Top Consumer Reviews to give them insightful, in-depth reviews on thousands of products and services ranging from exercise equipment to home decorating and much more. Each evaluation is completed by our professional reviewers who do all of the research necessary to let you know which companies and products you will love - and which ones you should avoid.

The Visionary

Ron Morton


The man on the spotlight and patent holder, Ron Morton, has been doing mission work projects with volunteer crews all over the world since the late 1980s. With a large demand for furnishing projects with little resources and tight deadlines, Morton’s genius gave birth to this handy tool. Making projects better, work faster and life easier have been part of the motivation behind every invention. He now shares the ease and usability of his products with every person of the household, offering professional drywall finishes without the need for professional help.

HomeTalk with Michael King

“The Cajun Contractor” Michael King is the host and co-creator of Home Talk USA. He is a licensed contractor in the New Orleans, Louisiana area. His signature opening is “Yaahee! I am the originator not the duplicator. Please do not accept no substitutions. I was green before green was even cool”. King is considered as the most recognizable name in all of Home Improvement Radio, according to DAR.FM.

Who Can Use Our Products?

With its one-step drywall taping solution, the task can easily be done in a flash. Mud thickness is controlled with two options. Taping is so easy! Mud application on the tape makes the taping coat smooth. TapeBuddy® can be used by one person or a whole crew offering greater productivity and labor cost savings. It gives you a no blister, no bubble and no mess finish. Results give a DIY enthusiast a feeling of accomplishment!

  • Less wasted compound with less mess
  • Can be used by more than one person
  • Ceilings and corners are easy to tape
  • Less frustration with more productivity
  • Virtually no blisters or bubbles in the finished product
  • Makes the project look good
  • Feeling of accomplishment
  • Cleans easily with water and brush
  • The Perfect DIY Drywall Taping Tool for anyone
  • Detailed printed instructions on easily taping drywall are included with every tool
  • Video instructions on tool use found on the BuddyToolsLLC.com website and YouTube Helps achieve a Professional look on a DIY budget!

Because of its lightweight, easy-to-use design, TapeBuddy® can be easily brought to different projects. It won’t rust nor easily break, thanks to its durable composition. It is an affordable tool which offers simple operation and cost-effective solutions for the users.

The application is concise, which results to lesser mess and reduces wasted materials at the end of the project. Construction is done sooner offering efficiency in labor and customer satisfaction. In other words: If you need an efficient way to tackle your drywall project, TapeBuddy® is your best companion. Using is a breeze and cleaning up is easy; everything is made for your convenience so you can enjoy the work of your hands.

TapeBuddy design offers you these features: 

  • Low equipment expense
  • Won’t ever rust
  • No heavy equipment to repair or carry
  • Can be used by more than one employee
  • Cost saving by using less skilled labor to accomplish the taping task
  • Frees up higher skilled and more expensive labor for other tasks
  • No tape repairs from dry tape spots in finished product
  • Less mess, less wasted material and less final floor clean up

Quality taping work results in satisfaction:

  • Achieves project completion sooner
  • Paint Crews don’t need to repair tape blisters
  • Increases company productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction rating
  • Increases customer jobs
  • Increased Bottom Line Profits on every job!


We love hearing from our clients and how our tools have turned their drywall projects into a hassle-free experience!