TapeBuddy® by Buddy Tools – Free-Standing Drywall Taping Tool – Mess-Free and Rust-Free Drywall Tape Holder for Drywall Mud and Joint Compound Application – Easy to Use with Standard Dry Wall Tape

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Drywall Taping Made Easy – Forget about using a handheld banjo type drywall applicator that will weigh you down and make a mess. The TapeBuddy® sits steady on a flat surface on top of a 5-gallon bucket using the built-in bottom notches.


Simplify Your Drywall Project

Taping drywall can be easy when you’ve got your Buddy Tools® with you.

The TapeBuddy® by Buddy Tools® is a simple yet hardworking solution to messy drywall taping. Once you’ve used the TapeBuddy® you’ll never go back to heavy, rusty, and ineffective handheld or banjo drywall tape applicator again!

TapeBuddy® is made with heavy-duty HDPE plastic – which sits steady on a flat surface, and will never rust or break easily. Just load the standard drywall paper tape or FibaFuse, then fill the mud pan with mud compound and pull the tape to your desired length. Cut, apply to the seam, smooth and embed. Your done with that piece. Now move on to the next. Simple and easy! You’ll notice a perfectly even amount of compound applied each time – no bubbles or blisters when you apply the tape, less waste, less excess mud, and less sanding.

Buddy Tools® contractor-grade tools are preferred by DIYers and professionals. Now you can accomplish your drywall project in half the time, with less effort, and excellent results with Buddy Tools®.

Product Features

Drywall Taping Made Easy – Forget about using a handheld banjo type drywall applicator that will weigh you down and make a mess. The TapeBuddy® sits steady on a flat surface on top of a 5-gallon bucket using the built-in bottom notches.

Mess-Free and Stress-Free – TapeBuddy® helps ease the stress on your drywall project by applying more compound to the center of the tape, resulting in a perfectly even mud application all throughout. No blisters, no bubbles, and no mess.

Heavy-Duty and Rust-Free – TapeBuddy® is made with heavy-duty HDPE plastic that will never rust or break easily. TapeBuddy® is your trusted companion for your drywall project and will never let you down.

Made For DIYers and Professionals – Applying mud compound to dry wall tape does not have to be complicated. That’s why TapeBuddy® is preferred by workers of all skill levels – it’s easy to use, easy to clean, and simplifies the job.

Contractor-Grade DIY Tools – TapeBuddy® is by Buddy Tools®, part of a trusted high-quality set of drywall tools. With Buddy Tools®, you can finish your drywall project with less effort and topnotch results.

Additional information

Weight2.75 lbs
Dimensions21 × 7 × 6 in
Individual Tool Dimensions

20.25 x 6.5 x 5.5 in, Weight: 1.8 lbs

43 reviews for TapeBuddy® by Buddy Tools – Free-Standing Drywall Taping Tool – Mess-Free and Rust-Free Drywall Tape Holder for Drywall Mud and Joint Compound Application – Easy to Use with Standard Dry Wall Tape

  1. EJA

    Measure wall, arms out to side, thumb to thumb
    This product is my new buddy! Never knew tape could be so easy to apply! Possibly the cleanest I have ever been after taping two rooms! After I got a system down, I was amazed how fast I got it done!! Tip- worked best when I had joint compound was able to be poured into My Buddy!!
    Amazon customer review March 5, 2020

  2. Heather

    easy to use when only one hand is available!! lol just finished our basement and this came in super handy!
    Amazon customer review March 5, 2020

  3. Dick M

    I was so ready to give this product a bad review just because I have never been able to tape drywall so far with anything else but dang it worked I taped drywall for the very first time and it didn’t fall back off the wall. It’s also quick and easy to use. Since I was already prepared to give this product a bad review the only thing I can even say bad about it is it took to long to read the instructions they could have been written a little better. I’m not one that gives to many 5 star feed back but this one deserves it.
    Amazon customer review February 25, 2020

  4. Tristina W

    I normally wait quite a while to write reviews but got excited after using this for the first time. I’m a DIYer and pretty inefficient/bad applying mud. I’ve only done a couple of small jobs, but I struggled with different techniques I watched on YouTube. I thought everything was good until 2-3 coats in (aka finished) and I started seeing bubbles…and more bubbles…and more bubbles that I had to cut out. I’m pleased to say I have zero bubbles when using this. Only “negative”…I couldn’t manage to cut the tape as smoothly with the knife as seen in the instructional videos. This made handling the strips kind of awkward. Nonetheless, considering alternate option, this is a great addition especially for a DIYer
    Amazon customer review February 18, 2020

  5. Michael H

    Works really well
    Amazon customer review February 15, 2020

  6. Harold C

    Nice tool
    Amazon customer review February 6, 2020

  7. Joe

    Pull the paper slow and you wont have a problem. Cleans up nicely. Made with rigid plastic.
    Amazon customer review February 2, 2020

  8. Cliff G

    Inexpensive, time saving. Buy one with no regrets.
    The best priced easy to use time saving tool for applications of drywall tape out there. I’m a pro. This is great for me for kitchens, baths but you could also do bigger jobs with it also. Perhaps they could sell an additional hopper to fit on top of existing to increase mud capacity. Just my observation. Buy this and you will not be disappointed.
    Amazon customer review January 31, 2020

  9. Jordan K

    Great time saver

    Actually works really well. Did what it was supposed to do and made the job cleaner and easier.
    Amazon customer review January 23, 2020

  10. Thomas Z


    This tool does exactly what it says. Puts the perfect amount of mud on the tape. Makes my life easier with every use. Love it
    Amazon customer review January 5, 2020

  11. no name

    Great Taping Tool

    This made our taping so much easier. We were novices at this and we are grateful for this tool. I would never attempt to tape drywall without it!
    Amazon customer review December 4, 2019

  12. sixftmoose

    Absolutely love this thing

    I’m working on finishing my 1,800 square foot basement and I bought this for the mudding & taping all the Sheetrock, this made my life easy and did exactly what I needed it to do.
    It puts just the right amount of joint compound on the tape and is really easy to clean, definitely worth every penny.
    Amazon customer review November 17, 2019

  13. Mike, Kansas City

    “All I can say is that the TapeBuddy® is one fantastic machine. It arrived 2 days after ordering online thru the mail. It took me about 10 hours to completely tape a 1200 square foot house from start to finish and included cleanup. I would highly recommend this unit to everyone. By far easier using and lighter than a banjo. Again Thanks.”

  14. Tom

    “Ron, I wanted to write and let you know that I am very happy with my TapeBuddy®. I actually purchased it over a year ago and never used it until today. I am an electrician and don’t do much drywall but today I hung some boards in my garage and figured I would give the TapeBuddy® a try. I was pleasantly surprised at how quick, easy, and clean it was to use the TapeBuddy®. I thought it was going to save time but probably make a big mess in the process, but it didn’t. I ended up with almost no compound on the floor and none on myself. I am usually covered with compound after about 20 minutes of “conventional” taping. I congratulate you on a great idea and a great product. Thank You.”

  15. Fred

    “At first I wasn’t sure it was that good of a tapping machine. But once I learned how to use it (took about 15 minutes) I found it to be great as advertised. Save allot of time and effort and the finished product is great. Thanks.”

  16. Alan, Platte SD

    “The best feature about TapeBuddy® is the ease of mud application and simple cleanup. It is 100% plastic but very durable. My wife even helped me mud our bathroom and thought it was a fantastic tool.”

  17. Daniel, Brooklyn NY

    “I recommend this product. I have done several ceilings in my own home and had to lift off tape to add more compound. Not so with the TapeBuddy®. Works very well.”

  18. Aaron, Northfield OH

    “This product does everything it say’s. Works great. I wish I would have had one when I started. I will use this product again and again. It’s very easy to use. I would say just about anybody could use the TapeBuddy® with no problem at all.”

  19. Sandy, Billings MT

    “I just need to say that my husband is very happy that he discovered this great time saver for taping and mudding the shop. He has done 3 walls and is about to start wall #4, then the ceiling. We had an estimate for someone else to do it. Cost: $4000!!! The $35 we paid for TapeBuddy® was a great investment. We would recommend it to anyone. Thanks for saving us $3965.! No, we won’t send you the difference :)”

  20. Amazon User

    For the DIY taper…just buy it. It works SO good. I used the “less mud side” and thought that was adequate to bed the tape in. It allows you to tape and get minimal air bubbles under the tape.

  21. Amazon User

    With Hurricane Ida hitting our area I needless to say have tons of damage. I have a roof already installed it was time to take care of drywall which I’m new to doing. After watching tons a videos I came across this. I’ve done small tape jobs but this was a lot more than I ever did before.

  22. Amazon User

    The tape buddy made taping easy a fool proof. Just be sure to follow the instructions. A few videos on you tube using the product was also helpful.

  23. Amazon User

    If you are new to drywall this can certainly help you.

  24. Amazon User

    I recommend this product completely. I also thank the manufacturer. This one product saved me a lot of time during the restoration process of my home.

  25. Amazon User

    Not sure how long this thing has been on the market but would love to have had it years ago. Super easy to use and makes taping so much simpler. Really made the job go a whole lot faster with a lot less waste and a lot fewer mistakes.

  26. Amazon User

    Even though I have experience taping drywall, I found this easy to use and it helped complete the job quicker.

  27. Amazon User

    This helped me tape a 13′ x 13′ bedroom in less than 4 hours, when normally it would have taken 2 days. Plus it’s now professional looking instead of DYI…. I still have a bedroom, bathroom, hallway and family room to mud and tape, and know it won’t take forever. Best thing I’ve purchased this year!

  28. Amazon User

    I’ve found that the TapeBuddy® speeds up even small jobs and, with practice, it applies the mud evenly so there are no “dry” spots. As such, adhesion is good and I don’t have to worry about the tape coming loose due to the lack of mud.

  29. Amazon User

    Wish I would have known about this earlier. Makes the job much easier and doesn’t leave. A must buy if you plan on doing drywall. Easy cleanup. Leaves very little mess when doing the job.

  30. Amazon User

    My Sheetrock mudding skills aren’t fully honed in yet, so I tend to be a bit slow and messy. This tool has really taken my Sheetrock game to a new level. I can easily pull out just what I need or I can fill a 5 gallon bucket with a continuous stretch of tape. That allows me to run the bucket from joint to joint without having to go back. The TapeBuddy® applies the perfect amount of joint compound to back of the tape. No more dry spots under the tape and no excessive squeeze out. I’m very happy with this purchase, wish I discovered sooner.

  31. Amazon User

    As a homeowner and DIY dry wall finisher this thing makes taping for me a snap.

  32. Amazon User

    Made the first coat go quick. Great tool for beginners.

  33. Amazon User

    Rarely does something so simple make such a difference. NO, it didn’t make me an expert on drywall finishing – still pretty mediocre at best, but it made the task MUCH simpler, faster, and less frustrating. Honestly cut my time to tape a room by half or more and not a single piece of tape with a bubble the next day – like the man said “inconceivable!” I originally saw this on Vancouver Carpenter YouTube videos while trying to learn some techniques to be a LITTLE less mediocre. Short learning curve – watch a few videos and tips about loading the tape and using a piece of PVC to support the roll

  34. Amazon User

    Plain and simple this tool really works! A real time saver!

  35. Amazon User

    Worked like a charm. Uses less mud and perfect tape joint.

  36. Amazon User

    This product is fantastic.

  37. Amazon User

    WOW! This is an amazing tool. I highly recommend watching the Manufacturer’s YouTube videos to shorten your learning curve. It did take a bit of trial and error to find the right consistency of mud but once you do it is amazing how much faster can cleaner, and easier it is to embed tape. For a DIYer it saves time and frustration.

  38. Amazon User

    1st time I have ever attempted a drywall job. Built an 800 sq ft 4 room shed w drywall ceilings and walls. Many corners, butt joints and seams to tape up. I did not have 1 single blister or imperfection and I believe I owe that to this tool.

  39. Amazon User

    This tool made taping the drywall in my basement a breeze! Well worth the money, it is a great tool. It even worked well for my wife who has no drywall experience what so ever! Buy it, you wont be sorry!

  40. Amazon User

    This made taping with paper tape much easier than pre-applying mud then pressing the tape in. Pulling out the tape with the mud pre applied saved me a lot of time and effort. I used less mud than manually applying mud. I had to fill in a couple of spots on the tape because I had my mud a little too thick. Once I thinned my mud to pancake batter consistency my tape job went a lot faster. I’m a homeowner drywalling my own project and I would recommend the tape buddy. I didn’t want to invest in a banjo or other pro tools, this was an excellent compromise.

  41. Amazon User

    Better than i ever thought. I was super hesitant about buying this and did so only because I was working with someone who had no experience. It worked so well I started using it also.

  42. Amazon User

    The perfect tool for smaller DIY tapping job. Easy to use and clean up after the job is done.

  43. Michael Deno, Deno Design & Construction Co

    I LOVE the TapeBuddy, it’s so hard to comprehend something that is so simple in design but is still so effective.

    I don’t do drywall all the time so I’m not interested in spending a bunch of money on specialty tools that I’ll only use occasionally, your product is PERFECT for small and medium size “hang and finish” jobs – it saved me a TON of time taping.

    I can’t get over how well the TapeBuddy meters the proper amount of compound onto the tape as it’s drawn out of the device. It’s literally perfect. I used the “more compound” setting and never looked back. The tape is coated with just enough compound to not worry about bubbling and blistering.

    I also love the mixing paddle and the electric box locaters as well, they work perfect and again, are so simple. Even the scoop is great.

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